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Windmill Consulting is a public affairs firm founded in Austin, Texas, that focuses on government relations, reputation management and strategic counsel. The firm name comes from a chess tactic, the windmill, where two pieces work together to deliver a series of alternating checks allowing the player to change the course of the game. The firm’s founders act as a windmill, using their complementary skill sets to influence a situation, challenge or problem in favor of their client.

Our proposed brand focuses on building authenticity and trust in their work. The sans-serif typography presents information in a precise and clear tone. The color palette stands out in a “leather and walnut” political world by navigating the polarizing pitfalls of red, blue, green, purple and black, while maintaining a tone that can be taken seriously by a state senator and approachable to a mom-and-pop shop needing a voice in front of a local city council. The icon is a combination of a bishop and a rook, the most recognizable windmill combination in chess, that has a simplified appearance to allow the mark to stay relevant and act as a platform for the brand to build on in the years to come.










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